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Thread: Don't have letdown

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    Default Don't have letdown

    Just wondering if this is because of my OS/OALD (I had OALD early on, not as much anymore) or if it's just a quirk particular to me. I don't actually have let down, for the most part. I don't feel letdown ever, except once in a rare while (most notably once in Target before I started gushing all over my shirt). Lately I've noticed when I'm pumping that I have milk coming out within 10 seconds of starting to pump. And today I was inspecting my nipple at a time when I wasn't nursing or pumping at all, and it had been a couple of hours, and I barely pinched it and milk squirted me in the face!

    Anyone else truly not feel letdown or always have milk "in the chamber"? It's not a problem, just a curiosity.
    Alexis, a mama to Conor, 4/29/10

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    You're not alone. I nursed my first for 3 years and never felt a letdown. I could see them (when pumping) and hear the swallowing when nursing, but never felt a thing. I felt them a little bit in the beginning with my second, but that diminished with time and now I'm back to not feeling them.

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