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Thread: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

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    Default baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    My little girl is 6.5 months and just over 15 lbs. She refusing all solids from a spoon. She was exclusively breastfed up until this point but had not gained much weight at her 6 month check up. She nurses on each side for a maximum of 2-3 minutes and as soon as the milk slows down she stops. She still gets up every 3 hours overnight to eat and will nurse longer when she is sleepy. My dr said not to worry about her weight because once she starts solids it will help however we have been trying for over a month and she is refusing everything. i wouldn't be worried but she is not nursing well and is not satisfied after eating. i started giving her a bottle of formula after she nurses before bedtime and she is finally sleeping around 5 hours before waking up to eat. just not sure what my next step would be???

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    Default Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    At 6-7 months solids are more for getting used to new tastes and textures; they aren't a big enough part of your baby's diet to contribute a whole lot to her weight gain. She's still pretty young to be eating much in the way of solids anyway.

    It sounds like how nursing is going is the bigger issue. Is she very distractible? She may just be so interested in what is going on around her that it's hard for her to focus on nursing. Have you tried nursing her in a quiet, dark room? Sometimes that can help distracted babies.

    What are you seeing that makes you feel she's not satisfied after nursing?

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    Default Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    Actually she is very distracted. She will only nurse when no one else is around, usually best in a quiet dark room with music playing. Once the milk slows down she comes off and cries until I put her on the other side, she will then nurse again until the milk slows (usually 2-3 minutes) and come off. She continues to go off and on and keeps fussing but will not latch longer than 5-10 seconds, she also gets really mad and frustrated if I keep trying to get her latched. She then has been remaining fussy and won't sleep. I've been giving her 2-3 ounces of breastmilk or formula from a bottle after her morning and night feeding. Usually during the day I will just feed her every 2-3 hours but have been finding her not settling very well.

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    Default Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    Just one more quick note. For the first few months I had a very overactive letdown and had to take my baby off after my letdown until my milk slowed down or she would choke. As she grew she was able to tolerate my letdown but even now if she comes off before the milk slows it sprays quite forcefully. It seems like she's gotten use to this fast supply of milk and won't take the time to get the hindmilk. Not sure how I can fix this problem?

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    Default Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    I'm going to move this to the breastfeeding forum; I think it might get more responses there.

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    Default Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    Hey mama--all of my babies were extremely distracted nursers and all of them slowed their growth around the 6 month point. The best advice I can give is to find a quiet/dark place to nurse and try to get nursings in. If you have to supplement, try pumping, so your supply won't diminish. And don't worry too much about solids--my son didn't eat much solids at all until he was 12 months old. If your baby's weight isn't dropping considerable and baby is having wet and poopy diapers, stick with nursing and work on increasing your supply.

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    Default Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    My second baby became very distracted at about five months, and what helped was to give her something to play with while she nursed. I kept a basket of small objects that were for nursing time only...toys, rattles, small books, etc. She could hold the toy with her top arm while nursing.

    I would usually have to switch objects serveral times during a session to keep her interested.

    The other thing I did was to wear necklaces...Mardi Gras beads, long necklaces of mine, and even a couple I made of old buttons I'd collected. I'd just be careful to put them in a safe place between nursings because I knew they weren't safe for her to put in her mouth.

    My third child is now five months old, and she's getting distracted like her sis. I dug out the old button necklaces I made (they're six years old, now because baby 3 was a surprise!), and they still work like a charm for getting a distractable baby to nurse longer.

    Hope this helps...

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    Smile Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    I was not worried so much about her weight as I was about her still being fussy after a feeding and seeming like she wanted more. I will continue pumping as I feel very stongly about breastfeeding and do not want to lost my supply.

    I will definitely try the playing with a toy while nursing thanks so much for the suggestion!! I never would have thought of that since I have been focused so much on trying to eliminate distraction but it seems like a great idea. I'm sure I can dig up some long necklaces she might like.

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    Default Re: baby refusing solids and not nursing well.

    DD went thru a phase just like this prob around the same age. She would pop on and off, cry and be very fussy. I just kept relatching her and dealing with the on and off and fussiness. Eventually the phase passed and we are still nursing at 18 months

    Sounds like you are doing all the right things, just stick with nursing her even if you have to keep latching her back on. Hopefully this phase will pass quickly!!!
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