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Thread: What can I do to start breastfeeding again?

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    Default What can I do to start breastfeeding again?

    My dd is only 2 months old, I stopped breastfeeding when she was a week old due to my nipples splitting open. I was just wondering if I can start breastfeeding again. I'm still lactating, only a few drops. What can I do to start BFing again? Is there anything I can take or do to increase my milk supply? Thanks.

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    Default Re: What can I do to start breastfeeding again?

    I'm sure some more experienced (with this issue) mamas will stop by soon. But in the meantime, can you get your DD to nurse at all? If so, nurse as much as she will allow! And then start nursing or pumping (or both), preferably every couple of hours, day and night. Keep in mind that in order to increase your supply, you have to nurse/pump dry - that is, you won't see a ton of milk at first, but nonetheless, you will be sending that message to your brain to make milk.

    There are more things you can take, and I'm sure other moms will chime in, but the first and most important thing you have to do is stimulate your nipples by nursing or pumping, frequently!

    Good luck to you! We have seen some great relaction success stories on this forum - it can be done!

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    Default Re: What can I do to start breastfeeding again?

    The good news is the faucet hasn't switched off yet, so it's that much easier!


    Once/if baby is latching on, I've heard good things about the Lact-Aid because it encourages the baby to suck, while the SNS system is a passive drip like a bottle. This will reward baby for her efforts, and will increase your milk supply.

    Tell us how it's going! You can do this, mama, and it will be worth it
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