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Thread: desperate for sleep, considering formula

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    Default desperate for sleep, considering formula

    Baby is 3 months old. He eats every 90 minutes-2 hours around the clock. He also has 1-2 hours of awake time in the middle of the night. I have tried to change these things and nothing has worked. I'm so behind on sleep that my immune system is shot; I'm the only one in the house getting sick. And I don't leave the house because I am too sleep deprived to drive. My older son ate every 2 hours for 9 months. Luckily I could nap when he did. But I don't have that option this time. My mother, who bf 5 babies, told me to just give him formula at night. I do not want to do that. Please help me!

    ETA: baby sleeps in a crib next to me. Co-sleeping is simply impossible in our house.

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    Default Re: desperate for sleep, considering formula

    I don't really have any advice, but giving him formula will not necessarily make him sleep more. It may actually complicate things by causing him to have stomach problems (such as constipation), since it's harder for babies to digest.

    Do you have anyone who can help you with your older son--maybe take him for an afternoon so you can get some sleep with the baby?

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    Default Re: desperate for sleep, considering formula

    i'm with PP. formula probably won't change anything. and i know all too well about lack of sleep (although it is getting better). try to find someone to come over for an hour or so just so you can nap...
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    Default Re: desperate for sleep, considering formula

    with the PPs. I don't expect that formula would change things- but on the other hand one bottle of formula might mean more sleep for you if your husband would be the one to give it. If you gave the bottle, all it would mean is more work for you. There are so many reasons not to do this... But I would nevertheless understand if you did do it. Sleep deprivation is not fun or funny when it's so severe that you can't drive safely.

    I like the PP's idea about getting someone to come over and help during the day. Is that a possibility?

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    Default Re: desperate for sleep, considering formula

    being sleep deprived is rough. It is very normal for babies to want to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours since their bellies are tiny and BM digests in just 90 minutes. Formula is not the answer. Yes it takes longer to digest but that doesn't mean that is a good thing. A greasy cheeseburger takes longer to digest than a salad too but I think we all know which one is healthier. You said you have the crib next to your bed- do you have it in a side car arraingement? or just set up regular next to your bed? If you just have it set up regular then it might be nice to side car the crib so you don't even have to get out of bed to nurse your LO. Just move baby over with you in bed to nurse then move him back into the crib. As for the staying awake in the night for an hour or two that is something that you can improve on. Try keeping the interaction to a minimum, keeping the room as dark as possible, and not talking during the night to help your LO get the message that night is for sleep. I suspect that if you could get your LO to just nurse during the night and not stay awake for those hours you would feel a lot better. The other thing you may try is to go to bed sooner at night. I know I feel like an old lady sometimes becuase I am usually in bed by 9pm at the latest. More overall sleep can make up for fragmented sleep.

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    Default Re: desperate for sleep, considering formula

    Tell us about your childs sleep habits during the day. What I have learned is that some new mothers make the mistake of trying to keep their children up during the day thinking it will make them sleep more at night. But sleep begets sleep. So what does your child's napping look like?

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    Default Re: desperate for sleep, considering formula

    Mama, has this been going on the whole time? Or has it just been happening in the last few days / week?

    If it's just been the last few days / week, your little one may be experiencing a growth spurt.

    Hang in there!
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