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Thread: OMG she's back!

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    Default OMG she's back!

    the ***** is back.
    AF came back today after 16 mos.
    I came back yesterday from IL's home in south Italy,it was very hot and DS stopped nursing (and eating solids!) for 4 days and as soon as I came back home she decided it was time to visit.
    I'm sooo pissed off.
    I don't really need her!
    I'm really scared my supply will go down now,and DS eats soooo little solids!
    I guess I just need to be reassured about AF and milk supply.is it just going down a few days before and then comes back,right?
    oooh,I did not really need her around now!
    soory for the vent!
    I'm Lisa,SAHM to M. 5/14/09 my velcro boy!

    we made it to 19 mos!!! no end in sight
    always and (I'd like to have a just LO and mom cosleeping smilie...)
    food sensitivity to dairy,apple and orange
    we just started to put cloth on
    if I'm here I'm
    love this forum!!!

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    Default Re: OMG she's back!

    For me, AF returned after only 4 months yet I went on to BF my son for over 3 years. It's true that my supply would dip a little for a couple of days around that time each month but DS would just want the boob more often - so it worked out just fine.

    I wouldn't worry about it. If your son continues to BF, milk will continue to be produced!
    Andrea - mama to Laith 02.20.07 and Sommer 01.21.11
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    Default Re: OMG she's back!

    I assume you're talking about your menstrual cycle? I had my first a few weeks ago and I was a bit worried too. I experienced a small drop in supply but DS nursed extra hard and extra often as soon as he realized he wasn't getting enough and got me up to where he wanted in a couple of days. Drink lots of fluids and maybe some herb tea if you want but, I'm sure you'll be fine. Oh, and be ready for some night time urination due to extra fluids in your body.
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