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Thread: Made it to the ONE year

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    My LO just turned 1 last Friday. After many months of struggling with supply and lack of family support I am FINALLY able to cheer and rejoyce in staying strong (against all odds) to BF my LO. I want to THANK ALL the mommies that encouraged me and gave me advice in this forum

    I had an emergency C-Section and had many problems with my milk not coming in and a very sleepy baby. I went to see an LC and she was awesome with her support and advice. My family was NO help whatsoever and constantly will say that I was starving my child and wanting to give him formula at any cost. Even my SO was buying into all this talk. I finally had to take a stand and find support/advice through my local LLL group, hospital support group and this forum. I would BF my child ALL the time 24/7 while on maternity leave. After going back to work (at 10 weeks) I was struggling to pump enough to leave my LO for the day. (Something that did not come easy for me) I had to pump on my days off 2-3 times just to have enough to complete a day's feeding. Needless to say, this took a toll on me and my relationship with my husband (it was touch and go for a while). When my LO turned 10 months, I stopped stressing so much about it and stopped pumping on my days off, I would leave him whatever ounces I pumped at work and instructed the caregiver to offer more solids (which my LO LOVES).

    at 11 months, I started weaning off the pump at work and this week is my first week that I have not pumped at all. What a relief My LO now comes to our on-site day care and I was able to go and feed him, but then it was making his transition into the day care very hard and would cry everytime I would leave to go back to work, so I had to stop going. Now I nurse him there when I drop him off and as soon as I pick him up.

    My SO and I are both amazed at how wonderful mother nature makes our bodies (mommies) to adjust and supply our LO. My milk supply has not been affected in the least, my LO nurses better than ever and I still get several let downs per feeding. I nurse him on my days off on demand and mornings and nights that I work (I work 12 hours/3 days a wk).

    At his one year check up last week, my LO wt 23.8 lbs and its a healthy, strong boy. My pediatrician has been wonderful in supporting my decision to BF and to continue past the first year.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to let everyone know of my success story; especially for those moms that are struggling and are thinking of just giving up....
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    congratulations! That is so awesome!!

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    Congratulations! So sorry your family wasn't supportive, hopefully they come around for any future babies in the family.

    I wish you many more months of happy breastfeeding (without the pump!!)

    Thanks for sharing your story.
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    So wonderful that you perservered past difficulties! My DH had trouble undrestanding the extra pumping I had to do, also. So for you! I have about three weeks to go until I'm there!

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    great job!!!

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