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Thread: Increasing/Re-lactating Advice PLEASE HELP!

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    Question Increasing/Re-lactating Advice PLEASE HELP!

    I'm currently having MAJOR issues with my milk supply. It has gotten to the point where when I pump, I have mere dribbles. My DS will is 7w. Since the get go, Ive had issues with BF and his latch. The LC at the hospital was completely useless, pretty much wanted to "sell" me her private classes rather then show me what to do. Since DS was born SGA (6.8 lbs at birth) his peds. wanted to supplement with formula. As a non-informed FTM, I agreed and was pretty much scared into giving DS formula. It did take 8 days for my supply to come in also. The first two weeks were great! But slowly since then, my supply has diminished. SinceI have now returned to work for 2 weeks, its drasticialy dropped, I'm assuming since I can't BF as much. I would LOVE to increase or re-lactate, but am afraid of taking any medicine (pres. or herbal) because of nasty side effects he can have.

    When I do BF sometimes he's very indifferent. I know his latch is in-proper because my nipple hurt, and I do not feel it 'drawing' from my armpits. I also have a creased nipple when I pop it out. At times, it can take him 10+ minutes to get on... we latch, he sucks 10 seconds, spits it out and fusses. Once he is on, he sucks for maybe 5 minutes, and either begins to fuss and tug on my breast, or falls asleep. When I do try to latch him, he seems to never open his mouth wide enough. He also has a tendency to flip in his bottom lip.

    So far this week (since Monday) I've pumped every 2 hours, BF when I'm at home prior to giving formula, drank Mothers Milk tea, used hot compresses, drank ALOT of water, and still.. nothing, it's actually went DOWN! I would LOVE to continue to BF my DS, but I feel like I've tried everything, and nothing seems to be working! Any help is gladly appreciated! Pleas Please Please! and Thank you!

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    Default Re: Increasing/Re-lactating Advice PLEASE HELP!

    It is possible to relactate but it will take a lot of work. You are on the right track by pumping every 2 hours. What kind of pump are you using? to relactate it really is benefical to rent a hospital grade pump. How long are you pumping for. I wouldn't get discouraged yet- relactating can take some time. Check out these links for some more info.

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    i was almost scared into giving my baby formula also but she didnt like it (thankfully!). i used some latch cream and about a week after coming home she started to LO by herself. i also talked with the ped and he said that a regualr multivitamin can also help and wont cause any harm to baby. he said it actually might improve her weight gain.....so far it has. don't give up

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    Mama, you may be in the middle of a catch-22 here. You need your LO to nurse as much as possible because the pump (no matter which pump you get) isn't nearly as effective at removing milk as your LO is. *Unfortunately* if you have such a low supply, this may also frustrate your LO to not want to nurse.

    Continue what you're doing, but try to get your LO to nurse on you for comfort while he's sleeping, drowsy, not hungry. Try power-pumping when you do pump (10 minutes on, 10 minute break, 10 minute on, 10 minute break for half an hour) and do that as much as you have time to allow.

    Eat oatmeal - not the instant kind.

    Take fenugreek and if you're not opposed to trying a prescription, ask your doctor about Reglan. (Some ladies have problems with it - I did not.)

    Are you on hormonal birth control? That can affect supply.

    Is Aunt Flo trying to come back? That can affect supply.

    Here's a start, Mama, feel free to PM me if you have more questions. I battled my supply the entire year I breastfed my daughter . . . it was difficult but *so* worth it to be able to give her every drop of Mama's Milk I could.
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    Hi! just wanted to offer some personal experience.. I've used 'more milk plus' veggie/vegan capsules ( 4per day and they've got fenugreek, fennel, thistle,etc) and also Domperidone (3xday) and so far have had NO side effects! It IS hard work to increase supply but as PPs said, it is totally worth it...

    As for the fussing @ breast & for latching I wud maybe suggest nursing in bath (the whole re-birthing experience is good & very relaxing!) or also maybe give him a little formula (if ur already using it) to keep his hunger at bay & then try latching on again..?

    Also golden trick for me has been using the medela SNS whilst nursing so whole feed can be at breast even if using supplements as well it stimulates ur breast for more production & lots easier (& better in my experience) than bottle/cup feeding..

    Good luck & keep going!! We're at 12 weeks now and this lovely battle for increasing production is almost at an end as I can now pump 5/6oz during day to keep LO happy & topped up (apart from formula top ups thru SNS like I said).


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