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Thread: Pumping more milk using hands

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    Default Pumping more milk using hands

    I just used the hand compression (described and shown !!!watch out there are boobs!!! in the video link below) and got much more milk than I have been. Even though the video specifically mentions how to get more milk for preemies, it works for any pumping mom.

    Here is my story. Started pumping 6 weeks ago when my son was 6 months old and got lots of milk... more than he needed. Then in the past few weeks I have been hateing pumping and feeling like there was still a lot of milk left in my breasts after 20 min of pumping 3 times a day. I was using up my frozen milk and was getting worried. Today I did hand compression and the milk just sprayed out much faster and I felt like my breast were empty at the end of pumping. And I got the 12 oz he needs while I am gone!!

    Hope this helps other moms like me!

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    Breast compressions rock. Thanks for this great resource!

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