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Thread: 6 week old with a cold or... ?

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    Default 6 week old with a cold or... ?

    DD2 seems to have some part of DD1's cold. She's a little congested. She does not have a fever.

    However, I don't know if this behaviour is due to the above or if there's something else going on. She's been crying at the breast. I don't have OALD (had it with DD1 and know what it's like). I was thinking that it might be due to some of the congestion?

    She has been bringing up more often. It doesn't seem to be related to burping as she can have a couple of great burps and still bring up. The only position she's really happy in is sitting right up straight, typically on a bouncing knee. She has barely slept today and in general, must be held. Even being put in my K'Tan caused her to scream. I was hoping wearing her would free me up a bit to play with DD1 who is also needy due to her cold.

    Diaper output is fine. Plenty of wets and dirties. Although she will complain quite a bit before making a dirty diaper.

    I guess I'm just curious as to if this is something to take her into the doctor for or if we should just ride it out? My worry is due to her age. She's only 6 weeks old. Is this typical of a little one with a cold? Could this be reflux? Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: 6 week old with a cold or... ?

    It could definitely be the cold. But if your mama radar keeps going off, take her in to the doc, get her ears checked. It's almost always worth the trip, even if all they say is "Take your healthy baby home, crazy lady."

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