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Thread: BF past 12 months with many questions

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    Default BF past 12 months with many questions

    Made it 12 months with BF! It has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. So glad we stuck it out!!! We would like to continue nursing, and I would love it if I could stop pumping at work, but worry about my supply. I pump twice at work currently for the 12 hours I am there and only get about 6 oz. I have also noticed that my dd diapers for the past 2 months are not nearly as wet. She seems happy and fine, but only gained 1 pound from her 9 month to 12 month appointment. I do not give her any juice or water. She only gets EBM, when I am at work. I even weighed her diapers and found that her output is about 9 ounces. This just does not seem like enough. I BF on demand and offer it more then she wants, but worry about my supply. Can any one give insight about what your Lo was like at a year and how much milk she should be drinking? We BF about 4 times a day and once in the middle of the night. Just wondering what my supply should be like at this point and any other insight into baby led weaning and extended breastfeeding.

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    congratulation for making it a year!!! You can pump wean now without seeing a huge hit to your supply. Your body will adjust and make what you need when you are together. However if you are not pumping you will need to offer your LO something else to drink while you are at work- either cow's milk or water probably. As long as your LO is nursing 3 to 4 times a day they don't really need cow's milk and they can get calcium some other way- cheese, yogurt, etc. it is totally normal for babies weight to slow down after the first 6 months. Is your DD getting taller? crawling or walking a lot? All of these can lead to lower weight gain. My little guy only gained 1 lbs between 9 months and 14 months. As for the baby led weaning and extended nursing the great thing about it is at this point it is just go with the flow. Nursing after one is a lot of fun- check out the "you know you are nursing a toddler when.." thread under breastfeeding past one forum.

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