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Thread: Business trip w/out babies: how will I maintain supply?

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    Question Business trip w/out babies: how will I maintain supply?

    Hi all,

    I'm incredibly fortunate in that I work from home, so I don't usually have to deal with too many pumping issues. I've been asked to attend a meeting three time zones away that would require me to be away from my twin 7.5 month-old girls for at least three days, two nights - maybe more.

    I'm currently tandem breastfeeding about 7 times/24 hours, and then I pump once to get about 4 oz TOTAL - about 2oz per side. They get one bottle/day of pumped milk, and they EACH take 3-4 oz in that bottle, so I need 6-8 oz of BM for their bottle feedings. The reason I can do this is that I have a ton of BM frozen from back when I was pumping all the time. I now seem to regularly pump quite a bit less than they actually consume per feeding, which seems typical.

    My question is this: if I only pump about 4oz with each pumping session, and they regularly are drinking about 6-8oz (I'm estimating) in each feeding session, will my supply be affected if I suddenly am pumping exclusively for about 3 days? It seems like it would. Have others gone from (near) exclusively BFing to exclusively pumping for a trip or other issue? Do I need to pump more than 8 times? I'll be attending all-day meetings, I think I'll have a hard enough time pumping those 8 times as it is.

    Thank you, I'm at a loss for how other mamas deal with these kinds of issues!

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    Default Re: Business trip w/out babies: how will I maintain supply?

    I think you will be OK pumping 8 times in 24 hours. I also don't think you will run much short on the amount you need to pump since you are only pumping once a day and your LOs are nursing the rest of the time. I would think that you would only come up short by the amount that you normal do every day or maybe just a little more. What kind of pump are you using? have you changed out valves and such? that can help with output. How long are you pumping for? no pump is going to be as efficient as your LOs but if you pump through two let downs that should help. As for your supply it may take a slight hit by just pumping for a couple of days but nothing that a day or two home with your LOs shouldn't take care of. it will rebound pretty quick.

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