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When you block feed, your supply does decrease. Which is great at the times of day when you have oversupply problems- but sometimes there is a time of day when your supply is normal or even low, even though you have oversupply during the rest of the day. So you have to stay alert and switch it up if you feel like there's a time of day when your baby needs more milk.
I had oversupply and OALD, so I did block feeding for most of the day and night, but would offer both sides during evening fussiness periods, when I felt that my supply was lower. You can do both! Whatever works for you!

(Also, since I had OS and was pumping in the early mornings a lot to relieve engorgement, I sometimes had DH give Joe a bottle of EBM during the bad time while I went and took a nice hot bath with my book!)

My baby is now almost 17 months old, and still takes only one breast at a time. We've always been one-side-at-a-time, although I don't block feed anymore (so if he comes back for more after ten minutes, I offer the other side).