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Thread: Determined to breastfeed only Please help!!

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    Question Determined to breastfeed only Please help!!

    My third baby is 28 days old. As soon as he was ready to eat I started breastfeeding at the hospital. Couple days later nipples were cracked and bleeding I was . My biggest mistake was not asking for help when it was available then. So I came home still trying to breastfeed through the pain until I couldnt take it. I gave in and gave the baby formula In my mind I was just going to give my nipples a few days to heal and then start breastfeeding again. In the meantime I was pumping several times a day that I can remember . Well now I just want to breastfeed my son and not give him formula but my supply is very low. Ive been trying to breastfeed him as much as possible but he doesnt seem to get enough. He can easily drink 4 oz of milk and when I pump I can barely get 2 oz a day right now. How can I increase my breast milk supply . Im very determined to just breastfeed my boy for as long as possible. Please
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    hi moms..congrate for ur determination to bf ur baby
    rules of thumb to making more milk is actually frequently direct bf ur baby..n also maintain ur pumping session,after his feeding..means,keep ur breast empty after every feeding session...the more u give the more milk ur body will produce for u..but of course u need to be passion..if u r working mom,u can keep maintain ur pumping session at least every 2-3 hours per session. ur breast may produce little for a few days,but will getting more in a week..

    and if u r stay at home mom (SAHM) u can always direct Bf ur baby,and pump after every feeding..the more ur breast sense the sucking sensation at ur nipple,the more oxytocin hormone cooperate with prolactin hormone helping u produce more milk for u..REMEMBER not to be stress..ur stressfullness will affect ur milk supply production...try to think positive n happy thing during the breastfeeding session n also the pumping session,that will help u produce more milk..

    never missed ur nite feeding (direct breastfeed),because during night time ur prolactin hormone is active..so NEVER skip night feeding..

    at the same time,u can find galactogue to help u making more supply (milk)..

    regarding the crack n bleeding nipple,u should find la leche league leader or IBCLC to help u work on with ur baby's lacthing position..breastfeeding shouldnt be hurt,since BREAST IS BEST

    good luck
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    Default Re: Determined to breastfeed only Please help!!

    with PP. check out these links also. will your baby still nurse?- the best way to increase milk supply is to nurse baby very frequently.
    With your LO being so young you have a really good chance of getting a full milk supply back but even if you don't any breastmilk is better than none. Good luck!!

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    Default Re: Determined to breastfeed only Please help!!

    Thanks ladies for the advice and info! Im not breastfeeding at night so that might be part of the problem and I didnt know to pump after his feeding. Im a SAHM and have two more boys that need my attention as well, I just have to figure out how to balance it all. I gave up breastfeeding pretty quickly with the first two boys this time around I dont intend to give up!

    Once again thank you so much, I will keep everyone posted on my progress!

    Love being a mom!!!

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    Default Re: Determined to breastfeed only Please help!!

    Yes baby will still nurse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*msconejo View Post
    Yes baby will still nurse!
    Terrific! Put him to the breast as much as possible. And if it hurts, seek professional help from an IBCLC. Nothing beats hands-on help.

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    Default Re: Determined to breastfeed only Please help!!

    yup and follow the 1st rule feed the baby:
    more info here:


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    have you tried lanolin cream? you dont have to wash it off and it works a REALLY well. my nipples bled after a couple days of nursing and the lc told me try lanolin cream and within 2 days it was pretty much healed. i have 2 other children also.....so when i nurse my baby i tell them its time for mommy baby time. they understand then that its the baby's time for attention. every so often i let them "help". they will hold a burp wrag or hold my shirt.... or just talk to their little sister. its all just wonderful family bonding moments
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    My nipples were cracked n bleeding for 4 weeks I just got help w/ a lactation specialist n starring to feel better, baby is 5 weeks now. Personally I liked the hydrogel pads over the lanolin cream. I was told to continue feeding even in that condition it was do painful but I stock to it, I wish I would have seeked help sooner. Get some help w/ latching, n when ep w/ my dd I took fenugreke, drank lots of water, n drank mothers milk tea n that all helped.

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    locate your local LLL leaders, call for info about attending meetings, you can free hands on help this way.
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