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Thread: Decreased Milk Production

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    Cool Decreased Milk Production

    Hello Mommas!

    I have a problem, all of the sudden this week I suddenly seem to not be able to pump any milk! I am a nurser and pumper (I usually just pump once a day so that we have one bottle to use that night for Daddy). My LO is 2months old now. I'd like to think that I know all the normal causes for decreased milk production but I don't think I've done anything to cause this! I can't figure it out.

    At night (just recently) he tends to get very fussy on the breast, yanking and pulling. I thought at first it was because he wanted the milk to come out at the speed of the bottle. But now I can't pump anything! I used to pump 4-6oz per breast and the last week I haven't been able to get but like two drops.

    Help? I'm confused!

    Ideas? I tried replacing some things on my pump but that doesn't seem to be the issue either.
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    Could your LO be going through a growth spurt? when that happens it takes a little while for your milk to "catch up" Also it could be just that your milk supply has regulated to being exactly what your LO needs with nothing extra to pump. That is not a bad thing- it is actually good that your body if recognizing how much you actually need. When were you pumping before? If you weren't pumping at night when your DH was giving your LO a bottle that could impact your milk supply even though you were pumping enough at another time of the day. Check out this link for some more info.

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    with rcsmom. My first guesses would be growth spurt or supply regulation. Especially the latter- once your body figures out how much it needs to make, pumping often becomes harder because there isn't a lot of extra, easy-to-pump milk sitting around in the breast.

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