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Thread: 3.5mo baby wont sleep

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    Unhappy 3.5mo baby wont sleep

    my baby is about 3 mo and 3 wks old, he was sleeping ok from about 8-9wks- 14 wks, "ok" meaning in 2-3 hr stretches, and occasionally a 4 hr stretch. lately he will not sleep at all at night. he is harder to get down and wakes less than every 2 hrs and usually is up awake anywhere from 30 min- 1 hr or so at a time. sometimes crying, but usually just up playing or whiney a bit. he will not fall back asleep.sometimes he stretches oddly and whines like something bothers him or like hes uncomfortable, what should i do??

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    It sounds like your LO is sleeping, but is waking more often or staying awake longer than seems appropriate to you...?

    How much overall sleep is he getting in an average 24 hour period? Do you see signs of the discomfort you describe at any other time besides nighttime (ie, naps, while awake, while nursing)? What is your current bedtime routine? What do you do when your LO wakes during the night?

    There are a number of things that can intrude upon infant's sleep -- developmental growth (they often toss sleep out the window when a new skill is on the horizon), physical growth, teething, etc. I would not be concerned about the waking itself (or the lack of desire to go to sleep) in and of itself, as that is very typical of virtual all babies at various times during the first couple of years. If the crying and/or discomfort are persistent or intense, you might want to take a look at the following link to start exploring underlying medical causes for night waking and/or speak to your pediatrician about it.

    I would also consider, just as a matter of keeping things in perspective, being mindful of the language you use when you think and talk about your baby's sleep. It really does make it feel worse for most people if they think of their baby "not sleeping" as opposed to "waking from sleep a lot." It can also be helpful to bear in mind that your sleep is likely more interrupted than your LO's, so, if your LO is getting an adequate overall amount of sleep in 24 hours, it may be that YOU don't get the sleep you need but your LO may be doing fine.
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