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Thread: Posting it early here too.

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    Default Posting it early here too.

    I will be nursing Liberty a full year tomorrow!!! I can't believe we made it.

    To those who are just starting. Yes it can be hard and trying but keep it up because once you get there it is soooo rewarding.

    No clue when she will stop or sleep longer than 3 hours at a time but am still really proud of her and I for pushing through and making it a full year.

    I only made it a week each with my oldest two so this is huge for me!!!
    I serve an awsome God!!

    Bailee 9y

    JW 6y

    Liberty 3y

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    Default Re: Posting it early here too.

    Congrats!!! Great job mama!!
    SAHM to all my boys

    Wyatt 2/23/99
    Isaiah 7/11/00
    Hunter 2/9/10- made it through our dairy allergy!
    and loving from afar, my DSS Kaleb 3/30/97

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    Default Re: Posting it early here too.

    Baby Girl Born 2/17/10 to her two mommies
    BF from day one. I looked up one day and realized I'm nursing a toddler!

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