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Thread: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

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    Default HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    My 6 week old son has been a breastfeeding champ until about 5 days ago. He has started to unlatch and squirm around during feedings - shaking his head and stretching (with his mouth open). I know he is still hungry and am not sure why he does this? I wait until he is done and then try again. He always latches back on and will nurse...but it is taking up to an hour for him to finish eating. Even then sometimes he seems like he is still hungry. I do not think the problem is production because when I pump I am getting about 6 ozs. When we feed him a bottle with 6 ozs he seems satisfied for 4-5 hours.

    What should I do? Keep breatsfeeding and giving a bottle occasionally (preparing for when I return to work) or just start pumping only? I feel like I am doing something wrong or am a bad mom if I don't breastfeed! Help please!

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    Default Re: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    Hmmm, I am not sure about the nursing behavior, maybe post something in the Breastfeeding your infant forum for some advice about that.

    However, I will say EPing is not the answer. I had to do it with DS1 and it is hard work. Nursing at home and pumping at work was way easier. The vast majority of breastfeeding issues are worth working through rather than turning to the pump.

    This could just be weird behavior related to a growth spurt. DS2 had a lot of strange and annoying nursing behaviors when he was a newborn but he got over them eventually.

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    Default Re: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    I don't know if this is actually a problem. 6oz for a 6 week old is a lot, and yes baby will eat the whole thing because if they dont swallow they will choke. The issue may be that he likes a faster let down and gets a little frusterated when it slows.

    I would keep nursing and unless baby starts refusing the breast all together, not worry about it.
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    Default Re: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    It really sounds like a growth spurt. Both of my kiddos did that right around 6wks. They'd get frustrated when the milk flow would slow down and then they'd pull off and SCREAM like they were dying I'd do breast compressions to try and help the flow of milk, or I'd switch them to the next breast. I'd let them nurse until they started screaming again, and then switch them back to the other breast. It only lasted for a few days and then all was back to normal.

    Make sure that you're getting enough to eat/drink and resting as much as you can. I agree with Beth that exclusively pumping is not the answer. If you're concerned that its taking an hour to feed...think about how much time it'd take to pump, wash the pump parts, feed the baby a bottle, wash the bottles and then start all over again.

    Hang in there, it does get easier
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    Default Re: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    My LO did the same thing at 6 weeks. Like others have said, a growth spurt is most likely the reason. I wouldn't suggest uping the pumping. Introducing bottles will likely increase his frustrations at the breast since he has to work more for his meal. I've learned that as long as my LO is wetting diapers enough and I don't get discouraged, she goes back to her normal self soon enough. The behavior will likely stop soon. The good news is he's not absolutely refusing to nurse.

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    Default Re: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    with the PPs. This sounds like a growth spurt or a weird nursing behavior, not a reason to switch to EP. EP is SO MUCH HARDER than nursing alone, or combining nursing and pumping.

    One thing I noticed is that you're feeding your baby 6 oz bottles. That's a huge amount of milk for a 6 week old, which is probably why he goes such a long stretch afterwards without eating. It's like he's eaten 3 meals in a single sitting. I'd try to keep the bottles to 2-3 oz at a time.

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    Default Re: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    as someone who has to pump when i'm away from LO because of work, I would say DON"T STOP NURSING!! It is SO much harder in the long run to keep up with pumping. I would gladly throw my pump out the window, but not gladly stop nursing. It's like twice as much work!!
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