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Thread: how does he eat so much?!

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    Default how does he eat so much?!

    My DS2 is 5 months and is at daycare 10hours 630am-430pm). I send him with 18oz (2 - 4oz and 2 - 5oz) and now they are saying he needs one more 4-5oz bottle. That's way above the "rule" of 1-1.5oz an hour he is away from me. I nurse him at 530am and am not able to nurse as we get to DC. I typically pick him up around 4-430pm and nurse when we get home, about 430-445pm.

    Is this OK or should I be concerned?

    I am glad I have a big stash in the freezer because I only get about 17oz after pumping 4x a day.

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    Default Re: how does he eat so much?!

    I don't have any advice but wanted to share that I have the same issue. My DS is 9 months old but I am packing 4 8oz bottles for him while he is at daycre for 9 hours. In addition to all that, he eats 4 4oz containers/jars of baby food! I have no idea where he is putting it, he only weighs 18lbs! He exceeds the general rule of 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour by far! We have been having to supplement with formula because I am only able to pump at most 10ounces. Unfortunately I don't have a stash in the freezer We used it all up.

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    Default Re: how does he eat so much?!

    Do you think he is hungry and needs that extra bottle? Does he seem frantic to eat when you get home? Or do you think it's possible that he's just getting fussy and they want to give him a bottle to get him to stop being fussy?

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    Default Re: how does he eat so much?!

    When is the last bottle? Can they hold off a little and you can nurse baby AT DAY CARE?
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    Default Re: how does he eat so much?!

    It's very very common for DCP to over feed breastfed kids. It's based on the fact that Formula fed kids eat more as they get older and bottle fed children even bottle fed breast babies will learn to drink until a bottle is empty. But a child doesn't need more while away from you than a child would actually drink from your breast at any feed. Do you think at any given feed your child is actually getting 6oz of milk from you??? Because that seems really unlikely to me. I think your child is being overfed. Just because a child WILL drink that much from a bottle doesn't mean that they need that much. I would not try to send in more or supplement. I would take the amount you are sending and break it up into smaller bottles and insist that your DCP feed your child smaller amounts more often.

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