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Thread: was it a clogged duck?

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    Lightbulb was it a clogged duck?

    I woke up yesterday and I was really sore in my breast I was full and I tried to pump and I did not get a lot out as I did the mornings before I let my son eat on that side a lot more then I do and today it is not as sore o I did have a white spot on my nipple. it don’t hurt as much now I was just wondering what it what if it was a duck problem? do I need to go and see someone about it? i still haev the white spot and that where it is sore the most
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    I'm thinking you had a combination of clogged duct and nipple blister. Allowing the baby to nurse a lot on that side was the exact right treatment for the problem.

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    I've had this several times, in fact, I am recovering from another really severe bout right now! Just a warning (I am not trying to scare you) about those milk blisters: they can rupture and this leads to a very painful owie on your nipple. I have this right now, and have been struggling to get it healed for over a week now. If it does happen to you, I have found that putting Lansinoh on the wound after every nursing session helps, as does nursing less frequently on that side (which is normally a no-no because it leads to decreased milk production but in this case it's the only thing to do because frequent sucking re-opens the wound). However, don't nurse too infrequently on that side or you'll get another plugged duct...kind of a catch-22 situation, but hopefull your blister is not too bad and will resolve itself nicely with no rupturing (as mine usually do). PS-if you tend to get plugged ducts/milk blisters frequently (I did because of using a nipple shield which I no longer use), try taking lecithin supplements. Check out this site and its links for really great info: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html

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