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Thread: he slept through!

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    Default he slept through!

    My LO sleep through the night last night, usually he wakes at least 1-2 times since he got off of formula.

    I relactated for him and have been EBF this week and don't see any bottles in our future which is what I have wanted YAY but i make exactly what he needs now. he is 5 months old.

    anyway, It scares me that he missed those night feedings that i will start producing less, so after he ate this morning I was still just huge so I pumped but only just a little bit (just 2 oz) i could of gotten more but i didn't want to empty them in case he gets hungry soon because he didn't eat last night (he went 11 hours)

    should I have pumped or is that bad? 1 night of him sleeping through isn't going to mess up what I accomplished is it?

    sorry I am just super paranoid with our BF relationship because I worked so hard to relactate.

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    Default Re: he slept through!

    no, i don't think that it's bad that you pumped. this will help to maintain (if not increase) your milk supply...and that's what you want, right?! i kinda went through the same thing last night. dd only woke up once to nurse when she usually gets up twice. when she did want to eat, i was just about to get out of bed to get ready for work...so i got a bottle of EBM ready for my mom to give to her. i pumped as soon as i got to work (at 7:45am...when i usually pump at 9:30am)...but i didn't want to go for too long without nursing/pumping since the last time dd nursed was at 3am this morning.

    you're doing great! keep up the good job!
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