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Thread: Need Advice - 12 weeks old not nursing enough

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    Default Need Advice - 12 weeks old not nursing enough

    Hello, I am new here and so glad I found this forum.

    I am having an issue with BF my 12 week DS. He has been EBF since birth and we have been getting along great until recently. Suddenly DS is only nursing between 4-6 minutes on one side and refusing to take the other breast.

    Before this he was nursing somewhere between 6-8 minutes each side for a total of 16 (sometimes more) minutes in one nursing session.

    He is showing signs of teething and at first I was thinking maybe he is rejecting me because of his gums being in pain. But I don't know for sure and I am worried and sad about this. It started last week and has continued into the weekend. He will nurse and pull off and start sucking on his hands. I try to put him back onto the breast and he starts to fight me and starts crying. So I give him a few minutes to calm down and try again. He takes it eagerly but then spits it out and starts to cry and chew on his hands. This goes on and on. When I leave him to calm down. He is happy, playing, cooing. His diaper output last week was great. 5 wet, not soaking wet but pretty wet diapers and 1 poop diaper everyday.

    I can get him to nurse really well and for a long period of time right before his bedtime (about 9:30-10pm). He wakes up 2x at night and both of those times he will nurse for about 6-7 minutes and go right back to sleep.

    Today against my better judgment I gave him a 2oz bottle of EBM. He gulped it down. He has just nursed for 6 min before that but was still showing signs of being hungry. After he had the bottle I put him back on my breast and he nursed for maybe a min more and then fell into a nap.

    Nothing has changed with out routine, he doesn't have any illness other than teething pain. My supply is fine. I have to pump regularly now due to the lack of nursing and me being engorged.

    This is my first time breastfeeding. I didn't with my oldest and regretted it. I have no outside help as I don't have many friends or family that BF. I am confused and worried about my boy. I don't want to stop nursing. Please help if you can. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Need Advice - 12 weeks old not nursing enough

    hows his weight gain been?
    IT sounds like things are going well he's getting the right poops and wets.
    Try and relax a little bit.

    LOts of babies get beter at nursing about that age and start sleeping a little bit beter at night too.

    I used to lay out diapars in the am and if they didn't wet them all by supper time I would try and coax them into nurseing a time or two extra before bed.

    Expect thier feeding patterns to change during periods of growth also.

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    Default Re: Need Advice - 12 weeks old not nursing enough

    Have you tried giving generic Tylenol before you feed the baby (ask doc)? One thing that I tried was feeding the baby while I was reclined slightly and then put the baby on her belly so that she was on neither side.

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    Default Re: Need Advice - 12 weeks old not nursing enough

    My DD will eat for 7 to 5 mins as long as your DS is growing you are good. i was warried too about my 10 week old.
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    Default Re: Need Advice - 12 weeks old not nursing enough

    my daughter is doing the EXACT same thing! she nurses5-8 min on one side, then for only a few min on the other side. she pulls off breast and immediately puts her hands in her mouth. she is drooling alot too so i'm sure she is teething. so glad you asked the question, i hate feeling like i am going through this alone!

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    Default Re: Need Advice - 12 weeks old not nursing enough

    I created a log-in just to add to this post!! I came on here looking for help because my 8 week old is doing the same thing. She'll take one side (doesn't favor) for 4-8 minutes, spit out my nipple and start crying. So I will burp her talk to her a little to calm her down then give the same side a try and she'll either not latch on or start crying again. I try the other side and she'll latch for maybe another minute and start crying.

    She gets bottles 1 to 2 times a day so dad can help out, usually that's formula. I've been supplementing with formula so I can build frozen inventory up when she starts daycare this week.

    I've been staying calm about it and doing my best not to pass along any negative energy on to her... But I'm not ready to give bf up. I do not want to pump full time!!! We were rockin 10 minutes per side up until 3 days ago...

    So glad I found this forum..

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