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Thread: Rules of Engorgement

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    Default Rules of Engorgement

    first let me say that i now have the boobs i have always wanted
    i think you should get to keep these as a reward for breastfeeding!!

    second, ugh! this is killing me!! they are hard as rocks and my nipples are as wide as my ring finger!

    first the left one is way bigger, then the right....should i even worry about this now?? or will they even out?

    should i nurse first on the most engorged side or stick to the every other rule? at this point we are only nursing one side per feeding because im afraid if i switch too soon she isnt getting any hindmilk, just drowned in foremilk! and ive been starting with wichever one happens to be the 'smaller' one....which of course pretty much makes it the bigger one for the next feeding lol
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    Default Re: Rules of Engorgement

    The engorgment with my second did not last as long. I took warm showers and massaged as much as I could. I did not pump, but would just manually express in the shower.

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    Default Re: Rules of Engorgement

    i also experience engorged with my #1 son..i did the same thing as llli bee,having my hot shower n do massage as much as i can.i do put a hot towel on my breast..and also the cabbage leaves to the engorged breast..try them,might help u dealing with engorgement..i know how hurt it can be..huhuhuh

    good luck
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