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Thread: heading back to work in 2 weeks...

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    Default heading back to work in 2 weeks...

    Hi! I'm sure this has been posted before so my apologies, but wanted to bounce my plan off of some other BFing moms!

    My LO is 4 months old and EBF and really on NO schedule right now. I watch for cues and nurse whenever he wants it really! I've got no problems with supply and he's sleeping through the night with a 7-8 hour stretch. During the day, he usually is around 3-4 hours between feedings.

    He has taken a bottle easily on the few times I've needed to go out, and usually takes about 5 ounces.

    When I return to work, we will be apart about 9 hours. I planned on feeding him right before I leave for work, leave him two 5 ounce bottles during the day and nurse as soon as we got home. I'd pump only once at work and once at night for the next day. Does that sound like it would work??

    I'm a teacher and can only really pump during my lunch hour. I vaguely remember this working for my 1st. LO but that was 4 years ago now and I've completely forgotten how it works!

    Thanks for any input you may have!!

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    Default Re: heading back to work in 2 weeks...

    Sounds like you have a pretty good plan. The only thing that I would recommend is to try to pump more than once. Going 9 hours with only pumping once is very likely to impact your supply. If you could squeeze in one more pumping session that would be better. Also don't be surprised if you LO wants to nurse more at night after you go back to work. It is called reverse cycling and is very normal. Good luck!!!

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    Default Re: heading back to work in 2 weeks...

    yup and expect him to get up at night when you 1st go back to work.
    Lots of kids that age will do that..

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