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    Anyone have experience overnight shipping expressed BM home to baby while traveling? I know it's possible, but a little overwhelmed at the whole process. Looking for advice on the best carrier.... and tips for best transport, best way to keep it cold, etc.
    Thanks mommas!

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    Hm. Bumping this just in case anyone does have experience with it but missed the post the first time around.

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    I know there are people here who know about it, I believe you need to buy dry ice, Fed Ex???, can you get a little cooler? Maybe from a doctor's office? I know clinics that get a lot of tiny coolers from shipping lab stuff or you could also probably find them pretty inexpensive at a Target/Wal Mart kind of store.

    Pretty sure you do not freeze it first since that would cause it to freeze/thaw instead of just keeping it cold (if that makes sense). I think it keeps better shipped cool rather than frozen.
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