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Thread: Help for a first time mommy

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    I came looking to la leche league and those who are in support of breastfeeding mommies as I find myself in a position I never saw myself in. I am a new first time mom to an almost 4 month old son and am losing my milk supply. I have struggled to breastfeed since they gave my son a bottle when he was born due to his jaundice. I was unaware of the drastic effects this was going to have on my breastfeeding abilities. My son took right to the bottle and refused to nurse from me. With considerable help he finally was able to latch on after a few wks only to have my supply down so low at this time that I was constantly feeding him and taking fenugreek and blessed thistle to help. I have not stopped taking these herbs and yet as I went back go work I find myself losing my milk supply. This is crushing I am sometimes only able to pump 3 ozs for 3 pumpings during an 8 hr period. My son eats 4/5 ozs a feeding. I started him on cereal to help stay him between feedings. I get up early and pump just to give him enough to get through the day til I come home. When I get home I am finding he is screaming at my breast because I simply don't have enough. I can't just keep him there to nurse and I do switch breasts when he starts screaming. I will nurse him for hrs if he would he just refuses after awhile. I do NOT want to stop breastfeeding and need more of a supply. I am wondering what I can do since he won't nurse for hrs and I bring him to the breast whenever he wants. I don't want to starve him and have had several very hard days/nights lately because he isn't getting enough from me. I do pump 2 to 3 times a day at work and am now using a medela double pump. I am grateful for the days I can get enough to feed him the next day and yet as I said when I get home he is not getting enough. Any advice would be welcome and I am interested in attending a mtg

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    Perhaps renting a hospital grade pump for a little while and power pumping- pumping for ten minutes, resting for ten, pumping, resting for an hour a day- would help. On your days off try to stay home and keep him at the breast all day. I would wait on the cereal. Formula would be better for him than solids right now. Have you considered an SNS?
    Be sure to drink enough water and try to get as much sleep as you can. Oatmeal is supposed to boost supply. Eat oatmeal for breakfast, make some oatmeal cookies to snack on at work Throw it in your meals wherever you can. How much fenugreek are you taking? You are supposed to take enough in a day that you start to smell like syrup. I think mothers milk tea is supposed to help too, but I have never tried it.

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    I am taking 9 pills of fenugreek and 9 blessed thistle, I will be trying the mothers tea tonight and make some outmeal cookies over my next day off. I spent the whole day today trying to keep him at my breast as much as possible. I really appreciate the response as it is so frusterating when my entire family is nursing currently with no problems. They are super supportive while I'm working and let me know everytime he eats so I can pump but maybe I will start doing it more often then just when he eats while I'm at work. Thank you

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    Any advice would be welcome and I am interested in attending a mtg

    what state are you in..
    IF you go to the gray bar at the top it says find local support.
    Pick usa and then your state to find a local leader.

    You can do it! Lots of moms and babies have a hard start.

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    Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting plenty of rest. When I was having supply issues with my DD, I ate oatmeal, took fenugreek and pumped after every feeding, day and night. It was a ton of work, but it definitely helped.

    I would definitely look into renting a hospital grade pump for a while. It may be well worth the money.

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    agreed...pumping after EVERY FEED (formula or pumped milk) with a hosp grade pump!

    attending a LLL meeting is a great idea!!!
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    Welcome! I'm sorry I'm coming to this thread late, but I'm going to copy it to the Breastfeeding Your Infant forum because I think you'll continue to get some more responses there. Please feel free to continue to ask questions!

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    I also lost my supply almost completely at about 4 months, but now we are at 8 months and my supply is completely recovered, to the point where I even have extra, so I want you to know you can recover from this! I did much of what the other posters said to do: herbs (fenugreek, thistle, and alfalfa), oatmeal (which I still eat for breakfast every day, just in case), pumping after every feeding, nursing her every 1 to 2 hours even at night, and pumping every 1-2 hours when baby cannot be with you to nurse. It sounds extreme and exhausting, but IT WORKED, and life is so much easier as a breastfeeder! On a side note, I did not have a hospital-grade pump, just the Avent Isis hand pump, so I know it can be done that way, too. It took about 6 weeks before my supply recovered enough that I did not have to supplement her and could exclusively breastfeed again, but I saw improvement in about 2 weeks after the above routine was began. Good luck!

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