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Thread: Changes after weaning?

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    Default Changes after weaning?

    I was wondering if anyone noticed changes (other than physical) after weaning?

    I sometimes feel like I've had "pregnancy hormones" for years now, and sometimes wonder if I will feel a little more "back to normal" after my son weans. He only nurses 1-3 times a day now, so I figured I am as normal as I am going to get! :-) But I wondered if the final wean down & end of lactation will bring some changes.

    Just curious!

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    Default Re: Changes after weaning?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    I lost weight after my first two weaned. Like the final 10 lbs I couldn't lose. And my boobs shrunk to smaller than they were before getting pg.
    I prey for this to be true for me
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