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Thread: 2 wk old baby not feeding & need support

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    Hi everyone. I just found your forum in my time of need. I am a first time mother, to my 2 week old baby girl. It has been very important to me to breastfeed and I am having difficulties that don't seem to be getting easier. I breastfeed the baby in the delivery room and for the 2 days at the hospital, and she did really well, good latching. The night we got home my milk was not in and the baby cried for 3 hrs straight and I was unable to console her. After that night she has consistantly refused to nurse. The doctor thinks she is protesting feeling very frustrated with the milk not being in. Since being home she had lost weight and became very jaundice. Because she was refusing to nurse the doctor had me start pumping and supplimenting with formula as well since my milk was not in. I was attempting to nurse every 2 hours, pumping and supplementing with the pumped milk & formula when needed. We did well, the babies weight is up and she is so much more alert. The problemt is she is very inconsistant with nursing. She continues to get very frustrated when I attempt to nurse her. She does not have a favorite nursing position either, some times she likes one thing another time another. Yesterday she nursed only 2x and the day before 3x all day. Now today she has not nursed at all So I am back to pumping evey 2 and giving that to her. I am begining to feel so discouraged and rejected by her. I want this to work out and I am willing to keep putting in effort, but I don't know where to begin. I am not real familiar with LLL and what a local support can offer. Any comments/support/suggestions would be much appreciated . Thanks in advance.

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    I'm having almost the exact same problem with my 2 week old girl. She had jaundice and was losing weight too, and I'm supplementing with pumped milk and formula as well, but my nursing situation is slightly different. She'll latch on every time she is hungry, but she's not sucking hard enough to get any milk out. She just sort of plays with it in her mouth as if it were her pacifier, and is still hungry after every nursing session. She eats well with bottles, and I'm afraid that she will eventually refuse the breast all together because the bottle is so much easier for her. I think I'm producing enough milk since I'm able to pump, I just wish there was a way for more milk to come out for her while she's nursing?

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    sounds like you are on the right track by pumping every two hours. It is possible to get your LO back to the breast. check out these links.
    One thing that you can start right away is to pump just until you milk lets down then latch your LO on. that way she gets an immediate reward for nursing and that may motivate her to want to nurse more. Hang in there- you can do this!!

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    you can locate and call your local LLL leader. They offer meetings monthly, or will come to you or meet you someplace and help you. they can watch you latch your baby, help with latch, positioning, etc...If you need help locating your local LLL leaders please post here and myself of another mom with help you!
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    Hang in there Mamas.

    If your LO is refusing the breast try napping with her. Often times a baby refusing to nurse will not have the "energy" to refuse when she's drowsy and about to nod off. If she moves during the nap offer the breast to try and get her to dreamfeed. Offer again as soon as she wakes up while she's still drowsy.

    Same thing at night - is it possible for you to cosleep? That's what saved our breastfeeding relationship when my daughter refused my breast. She'd dreamfeed (nurse through the night) when she wouldn't any other time of day.
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