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Thread: Weaning for Return to Work --Naptime Strategies?!

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    Default Weaning for Return to Work --Naptime Strategies?!


    I return to work in 2 months. My 10.5month old son has become used to falling asleep at the breast over the last 2 months. I had been careful to have him fall asleep in a variety of ways until then, but once teeth came in and solid foods led to tummy troubles, I have used it freely for comfort. Come to think of it, even just one month ago he became very used to falling asleep on daddy's chest, to the point where that is how he fell asleep on me in the evening! Maybe the history is shorter than I think!

    We bedshare, and I look forward to continuing to breastfeed in the evenings and over night (well, ok, a little nervous but we have decided this is how we want to parent right now). We won't change our evening and night-time parenting unless it becomes a challenge.

    How can I sensitively and gradually wean to the bottle over the next two months? The two challenges I see are:
    1. falling asleep at the breast (short history so perhaps not as bad as I think. However, he is at the age and has the temperament that he really really lets me know when he is angry and upset about not having his expectations met.
    2. Transition to expressed breast milk during day. I feed liberally and on demand.

    I have read Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution and will re-read it with the 'falling asleep at the breast' focus now.

    However, any suggestions from other moms who have returned to work would be terrific.

    Thank you in advance! I will search the archives as well, since this cannot possibly be a unique situation!!!

    Heather (and baby Andrew)

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    Default Re: Weaning for Return to Work --Naptime Strategies?!

    Who will be providing care for your lo while you are at work?

    Does your lo have any type of comfort object that they hold while nursing to sleep?

    I returned to work when my lo was 2.5 years and he still nursed to sleep. We transitioned to a stuffed animal for him to hold while he was falling asleep. He had no trouble falling asleep without me there. The teachers were very good about patting his back, etc...until he got used to falling asleep without assistance.
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    Default Re: Weaning for Return to Work --Naptime Strategies?!

    have you started giving your LO expressed milk at all from bottles yet? If you can, have the person who'll be taking care of your LO give a few bottles now and then at naptime instead of you?

    I nurse our little guy to sleep anytime i'm home, including naps on weekends. When I'm not home, my husband gives him a bottle to sleep with his stuffed monkey and puts him to sleep with a blankie i knit for him (with a little mommy's milk squirted here and there!) and he does just fine. It might help to just get your LO used to the bottle a bit before you go back so it's not a shock.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Weaning for Return to Work --Naptime Strategies?!

    You don't have to wean him to bottles if you don't want to. I would make sure he will take them, but you can still nurse him on days you are with him even after he's gotten the bottle during the day from the caregiver.

    And I wouldn't worry about the nursing to sleep thing either, unless you really can't handle it. My daughter nursed to sleep every night up until she was 21 months old and if I go to her when she wakes at night, I still nurse her at 23 months old. If my DH goes into her, he has his own comfort methods and she accepts that too. nursing to sleep and at nightwakings has worked fine for my family.

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