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Thread: Low milk supply?

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    Default Low milk supply?

    My husband and I went to visit his family. The way up I pumped once (it's a 8 hour drive) and fed her formula. We got up there, I breastfed her that night, than the next day we went on the boat. My inlaws watched her and I thought we wouldnt be gone that long, so I didnt bring my pump or anything... turns out we were gone for 12 hours. That night I breastfed and she seemed content... but the next day I pumped before we headed out and I didnt get that much..... and the next day the same thing.... and now she is always hungry after I feed her, both sides... so I supplement with formula. I pump but only get 2 oz? which I normally get like 4 total. My breasts have gone down, noticably, I jumped in the shower today and I got out and they didnt leak like normal.... I am afraid that I am drying up, I am trying to get my milk supply up but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Also she has started to pull/tug on my nipple while she is feeding.... not sure why....

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    You should be able to get it back up.

    But, if you want your supply up, you need to just keep putting baby at breast and not give her formula. Your body can make milk on demand, if baby is suckling. So I would just keep putting her on the breast.

    How old is LO?

    Also to keep your supply up, you should try to never go longer then 6 hours with out pumping or nursing. Nursing being the best.

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    Default Re: Low milk supply?

    I agree with the PP if you want to get your supply up get rid of the formula and just put your little one to the breast. If she seems like she is always hungry its because that is because your little ones way of building up your supply. Also the amount you pump is not a good measurement of how much your little one is getting because they are much more proficient at getting milk from your breast than any pump.

    Good luck!

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    with the PPs. Throw the formula out and nurse, nurse, nurse!!! Supplementing with formula and skipping nursing/pumping sessions is a terrific way to end up with lowered supply, as you experienced. 2 days of not nursing/pumping as much as usual and you're down 2 oz every time you pump!

    But it doesn't sound like you've done yourself too much damage. 2 oz is a normal amount to pump, and babies are better at removing milk than pumps are. And even if you did lose a lot of supply, you could get it back by nursing/pumping more. So don't worry. But if you don't want to lose supply, don't let it happen again!

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