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Thread: Just returned to work yesterday, help!

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    What bottles/nipple shape are you using? My daughter takes a bottle really well if the nipple is short and round (such as medela nipples) My daughter refuses any nipple that is a different shape. Nuks and avent, she will not take at all. Another thing is does she know your DCP? My daughter got used to the bottle from my hubby feeding her. Bottles can be frustrating for a baby so it's helpful for them to be introduced by someone the baby knows and has spent a lot of time with. My hubby would make sure the milk was warmed and the nipple was warm also. Then he would dip the nipple in a little bit of BM and immediately offer it to her. It took a few times, but she eventually took to it. After few feedings with this ritual, all he had to do was make sure it was warm enough for her. Hope this helps

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    How's it going mama? Is it getting any better?

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