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Thread: my two month old never seems hungry!

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    Default my two month old never seems hungry!

    I am blessed to have an incredibly happy baby. She is very good natured and attentive. She almost never cries.

    We were doing well nursing up until two weeks ago. She doesn't cry, so I've fed her on cues like hands to mouth, rooting, etc. Now that she's older, those aren't always working. She has found her hands and loves to suck on them, and it doesn't always indicate hunger. She doesn't root as much either. And she does not get hungry as often.

    Feeding to the "hands" cue quickly became frustrating because she wouldn't be hungry and the nursing session would be unproductive. So I would feel like I would need to nurse soon after because how much could she have gotten in such a short, ineffective session? Apparently enough, because it would just start a vicious cycle.

    Besides being frustrating, I noticed a decrease in diaper output and a slower weight gain while this was going on.

    Finally yesterday I started to space our her feeding more, and it worked well. Our nursing sessions were better and more enjoyable. However, I still initiated them. Even after 3.5-4 hours, she usually wasn't doing more than sucking her fingers a bit. I'm nervous even after spacing her out that she isn't going to have a good nursing session. I'm also scared of underfeeding and hurting my milk supply, either by letting her go past 3.5-4 hours regularly and/or continuing these frustrating, short sessions.

    Has this happened to anyone? Any thoughts? I want to feed on demand but it's like she's never hungry!

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    Default Re: my two month old never seems hungry!

    My DD will be 2 months next week and she has started doing the exact same thing. Initially I had the same fears as you but I figure that she will let me know when she is hungry she isn't going to let herself starve. And as for my supply I have used it as an opportunity to pump more and build up a supply.

    It sounds like you are doing great just try to relax and trust your little one to give you the cues. I know as a new mom that can be easier said than done.

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    Default Re: my two month old never seems hungry!

    My LC told me about a mom whose baby was so laid back and so uninterested in eating that she didn't gain enough weight when demand-fed. So the mom had to take the initiative and actively try to get the baby to take the breast at regular intervals, which I think is a good approach for you if this new finger-sucking thing is coinciding with reduced weight gain and diaper output. So I'd try every 3 hours, and if she still won't eat, I might take her in to the pediatrician. Maybe there's a physical cause for the low demand.

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