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Thread: fresh vs frozen

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    Question fresh vs frozen

    All other things being equal, if I have plenty of both, is it better to serve fresh or frozen milk or is there no difference? Does Fresh have more antibodies? Does Frozen loose antibodies or other stuff from freezing?

    I do not have an lipase issue so there is not heating before freezing.
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    Default Re: fresh vs frozen

    yup, fresh is better!
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    Default Re: fresh vs frozen

    Fresh is better, but a lot of moms will rotate their stash and give older frozen milk, replacing it with fresh milk to freeze every once in a while to keep it from going to waste.
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    Default Re: fresh vs frozen

    Frozen loses the white blood cells that help with infection-fighting. However, unless baby's diet is entirely frozen milk, having a couple of bottles of frozen and half dozen direct nursing sessions in same 24 hours will probably result in perfectly adequate immunity protection.

    My DS likes the taste of fresh better (no lipase issue, but frozen is frozen). But I do put Friday's pumped milk into the freezer and pull from my freezer stash for Monday, so that I am "refreshing" my freezer stash and moving forward the oldest date of the milk in there.
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    Default Re: fresh vs frozen

    Yes - fresh is better.

    I do the same as above - during the week baby gets at day care fresh EBM that I pumped the day before. What I pump on Friday goes into the freezer. On Mondays I pull from the OLDEST part of freezer stash for bottles.
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