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Thread: Let-down/reflux/abundant supply

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    Wow, that must have been a hard 36 hours! But I'm glad that it seems to have tamed the oversupply.

    I hope you have luck with the doc tomorrow!

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    My daughters doctor has asked me to stop consuming any caffeine or dairy to see if it helps with her reflux and fussiness.

    However, I am really really starting to think she just does not like the flow of my milk. She gets fussy so much and uncomfortable when I am engorged or really full, but then times that I am at the low end or just have a comfortable amount in there, she will be all happy and suck for like 15 minutes or so, which is twice as long as she feeds.

    She will start going to daycare and will only be getting bottles with a slow flow nip, and I am going to monitor how she does with those.....that may "prove" my point.

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    My daughter is now 13 months. I too had oversupply and forceful let down about 6 weeks after my DD was born. It was crazy how much milk I was able to pump every 3 hours. In any case, I did what the other mom suggested - went without pumping for as long as I could on one breast while feeding my DD on the other breast only. It was painful but in a couple of days my milk supply decreased. I also, for a while, would have to feed my daughter from a bottle only because she was not able to handle the let-down. After a while, I started to BF again and I did it at night. It seemed easier as she was sleepy and did not suck so hard.
    I was able to save so much milk that I actually donated it all (732 oz!) to a Milk Bank. I still have some bags of milk in my freezer which we will probably never use. If you do have too much milk sitting in your freezer do donate it rather then trow it out.

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