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Thread: breast feeding...PLEASE HELP!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Breanna.s.Mommy View Post
    when would you say it begins to get easier cause this is hard! so glad to hear it is normal though.
    every day gets easier, but i think around three weeks i noticed a huge difference. And i don't think at this point it was because he was nursing any less, more that my body just felt adjusted and expected to be tired

    I think (and these times are not exact, because i can't remember exactly) that around four weeks the baby would eat more consistently every two hours, and became much more efficient - so he ate more like 20 minutes rather than an hour or so.

    Stick with it mama, you'll be so happy you did.

    my little guy is 8mos old and i look forward to our snuggle time now. It's a great way to connect/reconnect with your baby. I find the reconnection extremely important to both of us as a full time working mama. We both just breathe a big sigh of relief that first nursing after a long day apart.

    BUT at the beginning, the sigh of relief would often come from me when I could put him down for five minutes and take a shower. I remember reading in one god-awful baby book (i think it was the baby whisperer - she and i just did NOT connect ) "if it's three in the afternoon and you're still in your pjs, something is not right." I wanted to kick her. I remember going full 24 hours without getting out of pjs. And i wish i'd never read that book, because instead of enjoying the moment, i kept thinking, "i shoudl take a shower. i should get stuff done." Try try try and be in the moment. It goes so quickly
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    FWIW my DS2 only pooped a few times a day in the beginning slowing down after a couple of months to 2-3 times per week. He's as healthy as can be! Poop frequency varies from child to child so as long as it's yellow and seedy and weight gain is good then it sounds fine.
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