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Thread: Think I've come to an end ...

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    Default Think I've come to an end ...

    ... I just can't go through with this any longer.

    I went to see an advisor yesterday, we had a successful feed on both sides with no pain - the first in 4 weeks 5 days yet over the past 30hours every feed has been unbearable with no guidance or assistance even though I'm doing everything she told me.

    Casey has not slept since 8:30am.
    He is feeding for 1hour and not pulling away himself and is hungry an hour later.

    I am bleeding, the cuts are so deep now, I'm physically and mentally hurting.

    The latch is so hard to get right with flat/inverted nipples and a tongue-tied baby (so I was advised yesterday).

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    Default Re: Think I've come to an end ...

    Can you talk with your babies doctor to have the TT clipped?
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    Default Re: Think I've come to an end ...

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*zplum View Post
    Can you talk with your babies doctor to have the TT clipped?

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    Default Re: Think I've come to an end ...

    Mama, I have been where you are. 4.5 years ago, my newborn daughter's latch was so awful that by the time she was 2 weeks old, my poor flat nips had cracks that my very experienced LC called "the second worst I have ever seen." I shrieked every time she latched on. I hated breastfeeding. every feed took an hour plus, because my baby's latch was so poor that she could not transfer milk well. At least once a day I ended up in tears, swearing that tomorrow was the day I was going to switch to formula-feeding. I would just nurse the baby once last time, and then it would be all formula.

    Mama, I stuck with it.

    And I'm glad I did.

    I'm not saying that's the right choice for you- but I think I can safely say that if you can hang in there, things will get better. So much of what goes causes a bad latch is just the tiny, tiny baby. A small mouth can't achieve a deep latch because it can't take a big bite of breast. But babies grow and their mouths grow. And if you can get the tongue-tie clipped, things should get a lot better.

    When I was at the decision point, here are some of the things that helped me:
    1. Exclusive pumping. Taking a few days off from breastfeeding allowed the awful cracks to heal just a little, and gave me the time I needed to rebuild enough energy to face nursing again.
    2. Going to the LC, and going again and again and again until i felt that I had learned as much as I could.
    3. Trying different nursing positions. In the end, side-lying was the only position that I could get even a marginal latch with, so I used it until my daughter was big enough to use different positions.
    4. Remembering that breastfeeding isn't all or nothing. When I was bottle-feeding, I did a couple of nursing sessions per day. That let me keep my options open- as long as the baby still remembered how to latch on and nurse, I knew I could go back to nursing.

    Hang in there, Mama.

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    Default Re: Think I've come to an end ...

    Has anyone mentioned anything like a Latch Assist? Keep those cracks moist with some lanolin like Lansinoh Ointment if you aren't already and definitely see about getting that tongue tie clipped! You could also try some shells for inverted nipples which could also give your nips a break from rubbing up against your clothes.

    It's hard in the early days but I promise it gets better!

    ETA: with mommal's post - I had a horrific crack in my left nipple and pumped on that side for a few days to let it heal while continuing to feed from the right. It was enough to keep me going and helped a lot with the pain.
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