So I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never really be able to nurse in public. If you have read any of my prior posts you may know that my DD has posed a challenge from the get-go and continues to amaze me with all the odd and sometimes frustrating nursing behaviors she exhibits. She is now engaged in a variation on a theme that has been part of her repertoire for a long time, but I guess I am looking for new answers. She is almost 4 months old now. Every time she nurses lately, she latches on eagerly and makes these sad little grunting noises. After a few sucks she will turn her head away, smearing milk across her cheek, open her mouth wide, and make a very melodramatic "wah wah" noise. Not really crying, just kind of moaning and groaning. Then she's back to the nipple, grunting and sucking for a few seconds. We repeat this until the first let-down. Then she remains latched and sucks with gusto. Once the flow slows down, she sometimes starts the pattern again, and sometimes remains contentedly latched. I never really know what to expect. She also does not act this way during night feedings. So I guess the obvious cause could be frustration with the flow (she does get at least two bottles a week). But sometimes the fussing is accompanied by farting. And sometimes it seems as if she can't even suck right and she starts to choke a bit. And sometimes if I catch her eye and imitate her dramatics she stops and smiles and starts trying to chat with me with my nipple in her mouth. She also has been drooling a lot and gnawing on her hand. So any theories here? It's not as distressing as it once was, because she seems to stay calm even though she's complaining, but it definitely rules out nursing in public, as I said, because she's constantly on and off the nipple. Any thoughts would be appreciated.