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Thread: Is weaning the best option??

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    I'm so glad someone brought up the Gordon nightweaning. I really think it's your best option. I'm pretty high about it right now because I recently decided to take the nightweaning step with my daugther after a night of constant nursing and getting kicked in the face by her in her sleep.

    You know what? It took 4 nights not ten. Apparently she was more ready than I thought. And while his recommendation sounds like it involves a lot of crying, for her it didn't. I was prepared for it, but she cried once in those for nights. I timed it. It was 3 minutes. I know every baby is different, but I just wanted to share a positive story.

    If you night wean her (allowing you to not have to get up to pump at night) and then just pump for the missed feedings during the day, you shouldn't have to wean to go to your wedding.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Is weaning the best option??

    I agree with pp. I also wanted to add that when you do decide to fully wean, I would do so very slowly to reduce the stress on both of you. It took 5 months to fully wean DS. By going slow, I was not uncomfortably engorged and we did so without any tears.

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