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Thread: LO Agitated and sweaty during nursing - help!

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    Question LO Agitated and sweaty during nursing - help!

    We finally got past the extreme pain that was the first 5 weeks of nursing, but now we have new problems. My 8 week old son is VERY agitated when he is nursing. He kicks, swings his arms, arches his back, cries, pulls off the breast and then cries because he wants back on. I took him to the Dr. 2 weeks ago (not my usual pediatrician) and she mentioned reflux. He doesn't do this every time he nurses so I kind of dismissed it. It makes nursing him very challenging. He also doesn't seem to do it at particular times during the feed, for example it's not always at the beginning which might indicate an overactive let-down. Could it be reflux even though he doesn't do it all the time? Any other ideas of what could be causing him to do this? Solutions?

    Also, he has always gotten very sweaty when he cries but the past week or so he has gotten really sweaty on his head and back when nursing. Is this normal?

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    Default Re: LO Agitated and sweaty during nursing - help!

    I don't know what the agitation would be from...my first thought would be overactive let-down like you mentioned, but the fact that it happens at different times makes it hard to know for sure. I just wanted to tell you that my DS head always got sweaty when he nursed. He's 16.5 mo now and his head still gets sweaty sometimes.

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    Default Re: LO Agitated and sweaty during nursing - help!

    If you feel you have ruled out all other possibilities (i.e. OALD, illness such as ear infection, teething, etc.), then I would assume for the time being that the issue is reflux. Honestly, the only way to know that reflux is the issue (after trying to keep baby's upper body elevated slightly while nursing, sleeping, and 30 mins after a meal) is to introduce a reflux med such as Zantac. Within a few days (my DD was within 2-3 doses) to a few weeks, baby should become more content at the breast, happy to feed, and to lie down. As a mother of a reflux baby, my DD started at about 6-8 weeks with symptoms (arching back while feeding, crying at the breast, pulling off but still acting hungry, spitting up frequently, hiccupping many times a day, slow to gain weight, only wanting to be held, and just generally miserable, and later on only pooping every 4-6 days). We felt we had tried everything before we finally gave in and gave DD the medicine, including removing certain foods from my diet (i.e. milk, all forms of caffeine, nuts, etc.). Also, try thinking about when you have a flare up of reflux (I know I had it BAD when I was pregnant)...I did not have symptoms ALL day long or even the very same times during the day for several days in a row (although it was worse when pregnant lying down…which is what you do when you sleep, therefore, more prone to the issue at night). My husband and I try to think of how we would feel if we were experiencing issues as a baby and how we would react. Sometimes the issue is simply being too hot or too cold but it can also be something else that takes a longer time to figure out. Hang in there! You will figure it out soon! My advice, trust your instincts as a mother. It is a hard lesson to learn but once I started doing that (i.e. instead of doubting myself and bouncing back and forth between ideas introduced by others), I felt like I was better able to figure out my DD and her potential issues. Good Luck! Other potential symptoms...crying out in pain, drooling, smacking lips or swallowing randomly, coughing randomly (without signs of a cold…we just thought our DD saw one of us cough and was mimicking). Another possible soother for reflux is a pacifier (newborns always want to eat but when your DS is older and if he is still suffering from reflux, he may eat small frequent meals because (1) milk is a natural antacid and (2) because the sucking reflex stimulates the stomach and esophageal muscles which aids in keeping his milk in his stomach instead for regurgitating it back up).
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    My baby did and does the same thing. its silent reflux or a food intolerance. have you eliminated dairy or caffeine or peanuts from your diet? these are what bothers my baby. the reflux feels like heartburn but he doesnt spit up really, thats why its silent. i tried 3 prescriptions from the Dr but none worked- he just grew out of it, well, mainly, he still does it a bit, i changed my diet and took out dairy and veggies and peanuts and he is alot better. Its bc they are hungry, but the milk hurts them, so their annoyed.

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