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    I have a newborn who will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. I am trying my best to breast feed, but getting very discouraged. I have spoken to the lactation consultants at the hospital where I delivered and I get varied advise and like it should just be a breeze. The problem is that my baby had low blood sugar when she was born (she was SGA-5lbs 9 oz 39weeks) so she was in NICU for about 3 days on formula. Meanwhile...I have a very large kidney stone and a nephrostomy tube in my left kidney and developed a very bad infection with fever & chills, severe pain and fatigue, body aches...so...I was trying to pump, but only actually was pumping about 1-2 times a day. My milk had not even started to come in. Well once I got on antibiotics and started to feel better, I decided to start back with the pumping at every 2-3 hours. I started this one week and 2 days postpartum. It has been about 3 days now that I ahve been diligent with this and the most I have pumped is 25 cc from both breasts at one pumping. I have alot of pain with my kidney still and very bad nausea and no appetite due to antibiotics I think. All the pumping is just wearing me down. I am sooo stressed!! She is bottle feeding about every 3 hours. She would not really latch when I tried breast feeding in hospital and the lactation consultant said to use the training nipple..which never really seemed to do anything but confuse her in my opinion. Well I try putting her to breast several times a day and she has actually latched on and nursed on one breast 2 or 3 times over the last couple of days. Today was the longest she nursed about 10 min on one breast and it actually sounded llike she was swallowing some. I just dont know if my milk will come in full supply and I am getting so frustrated and I get to feeling very guilty about not being able to make it work and cry a good bit. ANY ADVISE WOULD BE GREATLY APRRECIATED!!!!!

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    Oh that does sound rough moma. But the good news is that you are on the right track for increasing your milk supply by pumping or nursing every 2 to 3 hours at most. If your LO will nurse that is great!!! Put her to the breast as often as possible and let her do that "pumping" for you These links have some more info.
    I am also including a link about thrush becuase with all the antibiotics you have been on you may have some trouble with thrush.
    Remember that the most important thing for success at breastfeeding is determination and faith in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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    with rcsmom. Check out those links she posted!

    I'm so sorry you haven't been able to have an easy start. But hang in there, Mama! You can do this! The fact that your baby will latch on and suckle is an incredible advantage.

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