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    dd is 3.
    in the past month she has dropped from 2-3-4 15-20 mins nursings to 5 mins each side before bed and in the am. and some time she will fall asleep without nursing.
    She slammed her head last week and wanted milk in the day, which was strange, not sure how I will comfort her when she stops, I've been shoving a boob in her mouth everytime she cried since she was born.
    I'm really not ready for her to stop, she's just a baby, she needs her milk, but at this point she keeps chaning her mind, one day she's a big girl that doesn't need any the next she's so excited about it.... if she skips a day or two, and then nurses a day or two, how long will the milk stick around?

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    There could be some for quite a while. It tends not to vanish completely; there can be traces even months or years (yes, years) after weaning. If she's nursing every couple days she'll keep stimulating your supply, even if it's just a little bit. It'll be there as long as she needs it to be there.

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    I could still express some milk a few years after nursing and even get a bit of some fluid 10 years after nursing DS1. I think enough is there for the purpose that she is needing right now which seems more for comfort.
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