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Thread: 1 Week Old- Kicking and Screaming During BF

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    Hi everyone- new to forum. Beautiful daughter was born one week ago. She was very sleepy from the start, always out for at least 3 hours. When asleep, she is extremely difficult to wake up. We have tried to feed her every 2-3 hours, but it ends up that we wake her up to feed her (which takes 1/2 an hour)- then when she is awake and we put her to the breast she is screaming at the top of her lungs, physically pushing my breast away from her mouth, and kicking.

    After an hour of this, she finally calms down and will latch, and feed normally for 25-40 minutes...then she falls asleep exhausted for another 3 hours and we repeat the cycle.

    Pediatrician is not worried because she has a good number of diapers and gained 5 oz since her discharge...lactation consultants from hospital happy to meet with us when they are available (in 5 days). We've been looking in all the books but they don't have anything for a baby that consistently and actively resists breastfeeding for 30-60 minutes... does anyone have any ideas?

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    I wish I had advice that I know works but all I can think of is just to be a patient mommy. Squueze milk on her lips, sing to her.Hold her tightly and rock her. Good luck, it can be stressful at first, my little man is 3 months, it is so worth it. You can do it.
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    Hi momma and congrats on your lo! When your nursing are you engorged, I was thinking that if you are maybe its to much and to fast for the new wee one to handle. When your nursing does lo cough choke gag or sputter. Maybe the let down is to fast/forceful, maybe try hand expressing just a little so its not coming out as soon as lo latches on. Maybe you have an over active letdown, does your milk spray out in all directions when you let down kind of like a jet stream? If so their are different positions that may help like inclined nursing, which is when you lean back maybe you could put some pillows behind you on your bed and put baby on your chest so that you and lo are in a reclined position this lets lo control the flow some what. Also you can lay down on your side next to lo with lo laying next to breast (both of you on your sides) sorry I can't post the link and videos for this position, I'm sure another momma will, hth.
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    That must be so hard! When my second daughter was born, she wouldn't take the breast until she was about 10 minutes old and just that short amount of time was panic-inducing!

    Have you tried swaddling your baby? Sometimes a baby wants to feed but can't because she's flailing so much. And while the flailing seems to indicate that the baby dislikes nursing, it's often merely that the baby doesn't have any control over her body.

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    Hi there

    I can sympathize. I spent the first three months of my LO's life wondering why she hated breastfeeding. It took forever to get her to latch b.c she seemed so angry. I made enough milk to feed a small nation, prob part of the problem. I hated BFing in public b.c there were many times she just refused even though she was clearly hungry. In summary, it was not fun, but I kept at it and after she got over whatever made her cry all the time we enjoyed a beautiful breastfeeding relationship. SHe is 16 months and the "boop" is one of her favorite pastimes! I started off wondering why she hated bfing and now I wonder how I will ever get her to stop. So it's not great advice, there are many things you can try to make things easier, but i tried a lot of things and in the end, it was just time. So take solace, you're not alone, and it really is worth it.

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