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Thread: Possible clogged milk ducts during pregnancy after BA???

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    Default Possible clogged milk ducts during pregnancy after BA???

    I didn't know where to post this question, and hope someone can help. I had breast augmentation over 2yrs ago. i have read that woman can still breastfeed despite having this done, depending on the type of incision they do, etc. I made sure to not affect the breast tissue or areola.

    I'm 8 months pregnant & my question is, I recently noticed that I have what feels like a hard lump in both of my breast. Its located more in front of breast, behind areolars. My implants were placed behind my chest muscles. Its moveable, I don't feel any pain & there is no redness or swelling. I am wondering if could possibly be clogged milk ducts??? If so what do I do??

    OR, could it be related to the implants, capsular contracture. I'm concerned because I dont' know what it is or what to do?? And not sure if other woman have experienced this who have had BA??

    If someone could shed some light on this subject I would grately appreciate it!! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Possible clogged milk ducts during pregnancy after BA???

    Hi there! And welcome to LLL, you'll find lots of support here. Further down the forums list you'll see that there are thread topics ranging from fertility to parenting to chit chat. They are all packed with great info!

    Regarding your question, my advice is to seek a doctor's opinion who has experience with augmentation.

    My personal thought on it is that it couldn't possibly be a clogged milk duct yet. Right now your breasts are slowly building up colostrom but your milk won't come in until 2-5 days after birth. I don't have experience with augmentation so I don't know much about it though.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Possible clogged milk ducts during pregnancy after BA???

    with the PP. See a doc. My guess is that what you're experiencing is a normal pregnancy-related breast change. I noticed some enlarged ducts- not plugged, just enlarged- during my pregnancies. But I'm not a doctor and I wouldn't rely on a diagnosis made via internet!

    You might get some good info here: http://bfar.org/augmentation.shtml

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    Smile Re: Possible clogged milk ducts during pregnancy after BA???

    Thank you for your advice!! And the website! Very very helpful!! I am soo excited to joined this site. Tons of great info & support!!

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    Default Re: Possible clogged milk ducts during pregnancy after BA???

    Also read what you can (the free look inside part of Amazon) of this book-

    I seen it posted in another forum here on this board. And I just read the look inside part of Amazon on it. And it takes about the different parts of your breast that grow and develope during pregnancy to prepare your breast for making milk. It compares different parts of your breast to tree branches, and leaves, etc, and how they only start to grow when you become pregnant.

    I know for me personally when I was pregnant with DD1 my breast were terribly sore the whole pregnancy. I mean, just AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH sore. I couldn't even go down the freezer section in the grocery store with out being in severe pain! And I have a very high pain tolerance. After reading that part of the above book, it all made sense to me!

    I also feel harder lumpier things in my breast since my first pregnancy then before. I get regular checks at the ob, so I'm quite sure they aren't abnormal, but just those tree branch things the above book describes.

    Any way.......worth a check with a dr too, but it wouldn't hurt to read what you can of the above book for free on amazon.

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