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Thread: Crying at bedtime

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    My daughter is 3 1/2 mos old. I am breastfeeding during the day. I pump at work (work midnights) and she gets bottles overnight with daddy. I have a bedtime routine of a bath, dimly lit massage with lotion, mild interation, nursing to sleep. Most nights while nursing she begins to pull away from the breast and sqirm and then starts to cry. She then begins to nurse again and drifts to sleep. Then she starts again with the pulling away and crying. This continues in a cycle. U can tell she;s tired because she drifts to sleep, but she always has this cycle of crying. Some nights if I am persistant in nursing she'lll eventually stay asleep. But other nights she escaltates her crying to a full on tantrum! SHe is not gassy, not ill, not too hot or cold. I THINK she is just fighting going to sleep. Does his sound probable to anyone else??? Any ideas??

    ( Also, lately at most of her feedings, regardless of the time of day, she has begun to quirm and arch her bach while nursing. Pulling off the breast and latching on several times. Not really relaxing....any ideas why??)

    Thanks for your Reply!

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    When during nursing does she come off and fuss? is it at the beginning? during let down? after let down? Some babies do fight sleep alot. One thing that I have found with my Lo is that the more tired he is the more he fights going to sleep. It seems really odd that way but when they get overtired it actually makes it harder for them to go to sleep. What time are you getting your LO to bed? maybe you can try a little earlier. This link also has more info on fussiness.

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    I agree, my LO is 3months and has been doing this for a couple of weeks and it is definatly a case of overtired. We solved it yesterday when I made sure she had a good afternoon nap which meant I had to stay with her. but she got up at 6pm, I took her up to bed at 7 and she fed and went straight down without any fussing. It can be a pain because she does fight sleep at every nap but it seems to be if I notice the signs early enough and put her down before shes fussy she goes down a lot easier. Hope this helps

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    My baby does this too ,same age . maybe he/she is full? or isnt getting enough hindmilk and the foremilk is adding up and hurtingher tummy. have you tried cutting out dairy or anythng that could bother her/his tummy ? are you sure she doesnt have gas or something either?

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