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Thread: Hope you can help:how long btwn feeds?

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    where do I start? My son, 13 1/2 wks has always fallen asleep at the breast. No matter how much I stimulate him (wet washcloth, tickling feet, br compression, undressing him, etc) he still falls asleep after 7-8 min on the first breast. He needs CONSTANT stimulation on the second breast to stay partially awake. This is so frustrating for me. Feed sessions were taking forever, sometimes an hour. He always seemed hungry after just eating; there were times where he'd suck down 6 oz for my husband soon after a br feed session. So I then tried following ea feeding with a bottle of brmilk. He was doing 6-7 hr stretches at night and about 5 during the day. Then after 4 days, he started refusing the bottle. I spoke to LC and she said stop the bottles, and keep him on the breast as long as he actively feeds. I now push him to do 10 min on ea breast, but it's still a definite struggle. The problem is now that we don't follow up with a bottle, he has gone from 6-7 hrs at night down to 3hrs. And also every 3 hrs during the day. And he seems to be sucking on his hands often during the day. (LC says that could be hunger or just need to suck for comfort.) I have to follow up most feeding sessions with pumping because he doesn't empty the breasts and I have had blocked ducts 3 times. (Also, he seems to eat better when my breasts are full...perhaps he doesn't have to work so hard?!) He generally has one to two poopy diapers and almost every diaper change is a wet one. One other thing to mention is that he takes Zantac for reflux.
    I'm curious if others have had this situation, and how they dealt with it. Some days I really question whether brfeeding is worth it, for him and for me! I'd also like to know what is the average length of time for a 13 wk old child between feeding sessions...is three hours normal?
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    I think around that time DS was eating about every hour in the morning, then every 2-3 hours the rest of the day. Usually at night it was every 2-4 hours. Have you tried just letting him eat what he wants and let him fall asleep at the breast? He might be efficent enough to get what he needs in that amount of time. He doesn't have to nurse at each breast everytime. Just start on the other one at the next nursing session. Try not to watch the clock so much as your baby--you'll be able to tell when he is actively sucking and swallowing and when the sucking becomes less vigorous. You might also try heat or massage before you feed to help with the possibility of blocked ducts rather than pumping after feeding. When you pump after feeding you are telling your body to make more milk than your baby needs which is really a viscious cycle. BF is demanding at times, but the bottom line is that babies are demanding in general and have to be fed one way or the other. It might as well be the best!

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    My Dd has always been a very efficient nurser. When she was your Ds's age, I also worried about how short each nursing session was. It turns out that she was getting what she needed...and doing so very quickly. I know how hard it can be, but it really is more important to monitor signals from your LO than to watch the clock. As long as he is gaining weight and his diaper output is normal, trust that he is doing what he needs...and that your body will respond just as it should! Dd fed every 2-3 hours throughout the day, and went for one 4-5 hour stretch at night. Again, though I'd let your LO take the lead!

    I agree with I-Man's Momma that the pumping might very well be causing your over-supply concerns. If you have no immediate need for the pumped milk, perhaps you could take a week or so off from pumping to allow your supply to adjust to Ds's needs...??

    I've had plugged ducts as well...so if you need more specific advice about that, post your questions and I'll check back.

    Hope this helps! Hang in there...and post again with anything you need!
    All the best...

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    When DS was that age he was also a very efficient nurser (still is ) never went longer than 10 minute per breast if he even took that long. He was also eating every 2 hours like clockwork. I just kept following his needs and eventually he started spacing out his feedings on his own. I also pumped too much creating my own oversupply issue by pumping afterwards because I thought my breasts needed to feel empty.

    Your LOs output sounds great so I wouldn't worry about it.

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