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Thread: Gassy, unhappy baby (and toddler)

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    Default Gassy, unhappy baby (and toddler)

    I am the mother of an almost 3 year old girl (on 9/24) and a 4 week old boy. I continue to nurse my daughter as well as my son. My son is having several issues: he was born 4 weeks early and although he has gained weight (born 6 lbs 10 oz - now over 9 lbs) he has alot of gas and fussiness. I can hear his rumbling tummy. He spits out alot even though I spend alot of time burping. My milk just gets all over the place. I really want to nurse him successfully but he doesn't sleep well (and neither do I). My husband has to get up at 4 a.m. to leave for work and he can't help as much as he wants. WHAT CAN I DO?

    I forgot to mention that my daughter is also quite gassy but isn't choking when breastfeeding.

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    lots of babies that are born early don't nurse well untill their due date.
    BUT it sounds like your doing something right. cause it sounds like hes gaining well.
    try this link here:
    it might help you figure out whats going on.


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