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Thread: hand foot mouth disease

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    Default hand foot mouth disease

    I'm pretty sure I have hand foot mouth, very mild adult case. I'm almost certain I can keep breastfeeding. Any thoughts/experience with this? Strangely, my 13m daughter does not have it, and hopefully won't get it.

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    Not sure but my oldest dd got this when she was 18 months old. While on vacation at that!
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    I nursed while I had this - in fact, my baby was a newborn and the dr/nurses weren't concerned about it at all. I think it helped her NOT to get it b/c she was exposed to it through my milk, something like that ??? ??? If you are really concerned you can check with your ped. to be sure. If your lo does get it, expect that it will hurt her VERY MUCH to nurse - the sores they get in their mouths hurt a lot - worse than ours as adults. Anyway, hopefully, she won't get it and you'll recover very soon!

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    Both my boys had this a few months back, and it was EXTREMELY mild. So you always have hope that it won't be bad! In fact, I didn't even know that's what it was until DH went to the doctor for spots on his hands and feet, and then they all had the same symptoms of the illness after the fact (just blistery type skin on their hands and feet, which wasn't painful at all).
    Ask the ped if you're concerned, but I'm sure your lo wil be just fine.
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    Definitely keep nursing so that she'll get your antibodies. Both my girls got it a couple months ago. Not fun. I'm sorry mama

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