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Thread: Breastfeeding foster babies?

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    Default Breastfeeding foster babies?

    Hi all,

    I just posted this in a different area -- oops, I think it is more appropriate to ask here.

    I just became a licensed foster parent, so no babies yet. I am, however, the mother of 5 children already, and I nursed them all very successfully.

    When I asked the person in charge at our foster agency if breastfeeding foster babies was allowed, she said no one had ever asked her that . She said there was definitely no rule against it, and that it would probably depend on the birth mother.

    My husband and I are Christians and are believing that if God wants me to nurse any baby that He brings to me, that He will make it permissible for me to do so.

    So...I'm "preparing for rain" (see "Facing The Giants" movie) and plan to purchase a Lack-Aid Nursing Trainer (unless someone has a better idea).

    I'd love to hear any advice, input, etc. about this! Also, any advocacy I can show to the DHHS in my area on the benefits of breastfeeding (especially possible drug affected babies) would be great! I plan to bottle feed as well, so that if/when babies move on (but we'd love to adopt!) they won't be traumatized over not being able to nurse anymore.


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    Default Re: Breastfeeding foster babies?

    Winni, what big hearts you and your husband have.

    There's a huge amount of information from reputable sources online on the benefits of bfing. If you're in the US I'd start with the American Academy of Pediatricians, or the national pediatric association of your country to show to the children's services.

    I've heard that Lac-Aid is the best as it gets baby to suck, whereas the SNS is second-choice as it allows passive feeding which won't stimulate bfing as much.

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