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Thread: Oversupply issues? Please help....

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    Question Oversupply issues? Please help....

    My ds is 9 weeks old. We've been dealing with tummy issues for 5-6 weeks now.

    He is extremely gassy and uncomfortable and even at 9 weeks, he has on average 8 *explosive* diapers per day - they aren't mustardy. They are slimy and mucousy and very liquidy with very little substance. They were greenish but now have changed and are mostly yellowish with the occasional greenish one since I started.

    We've tried everything - I've been soy and dairy free for 6 weeks and I went on a total elimination diet 2 weeks ago (so no top 8 allergens and classic total elimination so just turkey, lamb, rice, potato, pear, canola or olive oil, sea salt and pepper). He's on reflux meds too. We've had some good days and some bad days. I tried to tackle what the lactation consultant said was oversupply through laying back during feeds (he was sometimes coughing and choking when I let down) and by block feeding. He's had pretty high weight gain - started at 7 lbs 15 oz at birth and at the doctor today was 13 lbs 11 oz.

    The major signs/issues we are seeing are:
    - 8 or more explosive diapers per day
    - Diapers are completely liquid (the ped said they have "no substance" to them) and are very slimy and full of mucous
    - Diapers were green but have turned to more yellow since starting block feeding
    - Extreme gassiness and fussiness.
    - High end of weight gain
    - Coughing and gagging when nursing
    - Chronic congestion since he was 3 weeks old
    - Often he flips out during feedings and he rarely seems "content" after feeding.
    - Our feedings are generally very short in duration (e.g. under 10 minutes)
    - Up with gas and discomfort mutiple times per night (usually he's up 3 times to eat and about 3 times crying from gas or needing to poop so he's up 6 times per night)

    He is on reflux meds as well although I'm not convinced he has reflux.

    In a last ditch effort to figure out the issue before considering a move to formula, we rented a baby scale. Here's what we've seen so far in about 24 hours:

    9/3 5:30PM - 30 min - 2 oz
    9/3 6:54PM - 32 min - 5.4 oz
    9/3 11:22PM - 19 min - Didn't weigh
    9/4 2:22AM - 17 min - Didn't weigh
    9/4 5:12AM - 21 min - Didn't weigh
    9/4 6:33AM - 25 min - Didn't weigh
    9/4 9:03AM - 8 min - 1 oz
    9/4 11:06AM - 4 min - 3.4 oz
    9/4 11:45PM - 10 min - 2.8 oz
    9/4 2:01PM - 11 min - 2.4 oz
    9/4 2:36PM - 26 min - 0.8 oz
    9/4 5:51PM - 12 min - 3 oz
    9/4 6:54PM - 45 min - 2.6 oz

    Are our issues still oversupply related? He's had 8 explosive poopy diapers in the last 24 hours. They've ranged from greenish to yellow, all very liquidy and mucousy.

    What do I do if one side seems to produce much more milk than the other side? My left seems to produce much more...

    I really don't want to switch to formula but I'm going nuts here and he is so uncomfortable! Please help!!!

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    Default Re: Oversupply issues? Please help....

    This forum gets the least replies during weekends and holidays so you might want to try again on tuesday if you don't get many responses. I'd help but I'm the one that sent you here in the first place, lol.
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    Default Re: Oversupply issues? Please help....

    with the PP. Keep on doing those test weights. They're interesting! It looks like your LO is mostly taking in a rather average amount of milk, with the exception of that 5.4 oz feeding. That should help tame your oversupply, if that is the problem.

    I know that at this point switching to formula probably sounds like a dream come true, but I want to point out that if your LO does have an allergy, formula may not solve the problem at all. Dairy and soy are top allergens, and guess what most formulas are made of... So hang in there, mama!!!!

    Oh, also, if you really are about to switch, consider pumping and bottle-feeding instead. If oversupply is the issue, you can tweak the fat content of bottled milk by adding the cream from one bottle to another. Exclusive pumping has many challenges, but it's one alternative.

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    Default Re: Oversupply issues? Please help....

    I just posted an updated thread. Still looking for some help to fix our issue. Thanks in advance!

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