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    I'm looking for help with my two nurslings. Both are beyond a year old. My oldest is 3 and a half and my youngest is one and a half. they are the youngest of 6. I'm beyond busy and stressed and my three year old's nursing is a little overwhelming. I want him to nurse less but I'm not sure how. I want him to be happy and not cry so much when i refuse. He still nurses on demand and up until recently he nursed much more than his younger brother ever has. I've done the counting, singing the ABC's, i've tried giving him 'boobie hugs' so he can still be near me, I've tried changing the subject...I've done a lot to try to fix this but he still wants boob ALL. DAY. LONG. Help?


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    When my toddler was after me ALL. DAY. LONG. it really helped to get out of the house. When we were outside or even just at the grocery store there were so many new and interesting things that she would forget to pester me to nurse. Another thing that helped was family- when we visited my parents it was more interesting to play with grandma than nurse.

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    I second getting out of the house on the hard days especially a relative's house so they can play with the little ones. My son loves to nurse when he's just bored or whatever, but when there's new things to do and look at I have to take him into a dark room so that he'll nurse.

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    My kids are the same ages as yours and I just nudged my daughter to wean completely at 3yrs 7mos. We did sort of a weaning party - she nursed for the last time by herself and with her younger brother, and then we stayed overnight as a family at an indoor water park, which she had been wanting to do. She's been fine since, which wasn't the case when I tried to completely wean her in the past. I know you said you just want him to nurse less, not wean, but I just wanted to give that background on how she stopped nursing.

    At some point during our nursing relationship, we had set times of the day she could nurse. Like morning, waking up from nap, and before bed. And over time I dropped one of them, with the last being the morning one, and at that point I let her nurse when she really seemed to need it which was maybe once a day or a few times a week.

    I did try offering substitutes to reduce nursing sessions, but mostly it didn't work for us. Maybe you could try that with something you're comfortable with? Or maybe setting aside certain times of the day he can nurse will help him to know when he can expect to be able to. And finally, we keep super busy when trying to drop a nursing session. On the go, doing lots of outside play where I'm not sitting down, so she was less likey to ask to nurse.
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