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Thread: Medela SNS vs. Lact-Aid

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    Default Medela SNS vs. Lact-Aid

    Any thoughts one these two supplementary nursing systems; Medela SNS and Lact-Aid? Does one work better than the other?

    Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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    Default Re: Medela SNS vs. Lact-Aid

    I don't have any personal experience, but word on the street is that a lot of moms prefer the Lact-Aid.

    Anybody have experience with one or the other (or both)?

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    Default Re: Medela SNS vs. Lact-Aid

    I'm told that the Lact-Aid is a much better system, and that the SNS tubing needs replacing fairly often as it is prone to breakage. I'd happily get myself a Lact-Aid for my DD but unfortunately they don't sell it in the UK and postage would be around $50, almost double what I found the actual Lact-Aid for! Ah well.

    Go with the Lact-Aid if you can. I've also done a load of research into the two systems and most mothers swear by it over the SNS.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Medela SNS vs. Lact-Aid

    One consideration with the Lactaid is that you have to replace the disposable bags. 50 bags is only a week's supply for a baby nursing 7 times per day. And the Lact-Aid is only sold by the manufacturer as far as I know...

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